X1 JET Stitch

The X1 JET Stitch is a slim and powerful Markoprint® system based on Hewlett Packard Inkjet Technology. Its slim, space-saving profile allows installation of multiple printers in environments where space is severely limited. The X1JET Stitch is targeted for a range of different applications in the Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Building Materials and other industries. The simple and intuitive 3-button operations with LED indicator lamps secure a user-friendly system control.

  • Electronics installed behind cartridge to save space
  • Up to 8 printheads can be stitched  to print a 100 mm high print image
  • Application in confined installation conditions
  • Particularly advantageous when several printers are installed to print several 12.5mm print image simultaneously e.g. in a multi line deep draw packaging plant

HMI DISPLAY (Optional)

The HMI display is a “high-resolution OLED display” for direct input and controlling of print images. The additional start/stop buttons greatly simplify
operations with data entry handled by the intuitive range of screens. Particularly useful if the printer is mounted inside a machine.

  • Display of printing orders and operational conditions
  • Arbitrary number of printed images
  • Setting of Parameters and variable data
  • Direct overview of settings
  • Changing setting directly on the device
  • Improved Ergonomics




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